Three blue vases (10 x 20, canvas board) - Copy03

Kimberly Chase-Adler

Kiwis (10 x 20, canvas board) smaller

Kimberly Chase-Adler is a Vermont-based artist, working across a variety of mediums and styles:

    Paintings (still lifes, landscapes and figures) in water-based oils on canvas and canvas board, utilizing bold colors and brushwork

    Collages assembled from assorted colored paper and magazine images

    Studies in water-based oils on artagain paper (experimental works, typically not for sale)

Items displayed on this website are available for purchase unframed; works can also be commissioned. 

For inquiries and sales, please contact Kimberly directly:

Telephone: +1 802 649 1084


Ginger jar and flowers (12 x 16, canvas board) [$660]2